Hello Guys again,

Although my blog main concern is about SQL server, I like to share my experience in the telecommuting field, misconceptions and reality.

  1. Telecommuters works more efficiently than Onsite people: TRUE

I believe hiring telecommuters is eventually more efficient than OnSite people. A telecommuter would come periodically for meetings and will do client facing but he will daily communicate via web conferences. Whether he works or train people at the client site, a lot are done over the internet. Security with VPN technologies have been strengthened as well.

Most outsourcing in India is done via Skype, teamviewer, Webex, etc... Internet is also the main advantage for those Indian people, besides cost.

Also, flexibility, project-based budget and cost eficiency can be added to that. The telecommuter is happy about being at home most of the time and therefore can take a pay cut OR is ok to be independant and have less paid leave OR cost less in unnecessary additional cost like food, travelling reimbusement, professional phone, car, desk, computer, etc...

I have been successful to work with many consulting companies and direct clients this way. None of them thought I was not up to the task and get their money back easily.

  1. Key to social progress

Another big aspect for telecommuter is that TIME IS MONEY! The first thing you gain is your commute. You gain like 1 to 2 hours on average PER DAY! of time, and also transport cost as well; you might even argue that telecommuting is green!

But not only that, it is more difficult to accept part-time jobs when working on-site as your commute is proportionnally more expensive in terms of time and transport cost. Working from home enables you to accept flexibility in working hours. A telecommuter could easily ask to work part-time or 3/4 of the time instead of full-time. The company has interest in this as well as he can cut his cost.

Finally I think it is a key to social progress. Why do we need full-time people. Why a full-time DBA? Isn't it much better to get 3 part-time DBA, so that when one go to vaccation, the other is there. If one does nto know the answer, the other one does... Why not having talent for less cost and having several talents at once? Everybody is happy and this is why I call it social progress!

Telecommuters usually do not care too much about career or money. They care about their well-being. They accepted to eearn less to spend more time with their family and/or their hobby.

I believe it is the future for social progress! I hope people agree with me and hope that in the future companies would thinki about this way!

Telecommuting does not mean outsourcing to Indian people in India. It just mean getting more talents that chose well-being instead of career!

I am open to any comments on that.